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Risk management is to study the regulation of risk and risk control technology, using the corresponding methods and techniques to control and transfer of risk and its purpose is to achieve with the minimum cost to obtain the biggest benefit safeguard, make risk caused by the loss dropped to the lowest degree.
China's import and export cargo transportation Insurance clauses of the most commonly used is the China Insurance clauses (China Insurance Clause - CIC).The clause is by the Chinese people's property insurance co., LTD. According to the actual needs of the insurance business, and with reference to the international insurance market practice system, and promulgated by the China insurance regulatory commission for examination and approval of the people's bank of China
My company's risk management is divided into three aspects:
1. To strengthen the enterprise internal business process and risk control, make the enterprise internal information flow, document flow, financial flow and goods flow run unobstructed, in an orderly way.
2. Through error filing system, strengthen the education training and improving the evaluation system.Continuously strengthen enterprise business operation risk control ability.
3. Efficient Claims Processing. 
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